Song of the Week: Jane and the Dragon Theme Song

I’m not entirely sure if this counts, but since I am the administrator of this blog, I decided that a theme song can be a song of the week. I don’t discriminate. Anyway, I adore this TV show. It could be because Jane reminds me a lot of myself… Head strong, independent, incredibly witty, I could go on and on. You can’t imagine how excited I got when I found this video and discovered that full episodes of Jane and the Dragon are on Youtube. I’ll even share a link to my favorite episode, just for you. You’re welcome. After watching a few episodes while writing this post, it got me thinking about all the terrible kids TV shows that I have to watch while nannying. Nickelodeon is only good when the 90’s shows are on in the evenings, Disney is nothing special, and don’t even get me started on Cartoon Network (what ever happened to Dexter’s Lab, Powder Puff Girls, and Johnny Bravo?). My hope was pretty much lost for the future of kids TV. Until I found a local channel that restored some hope. It was on this local channel that I found Jane and the Dragon. Thank goodness for that happy accident. I’m just going to buy the DVD’s of old school nickelodeon shows, Boy Meets World, Full House, and Jane and the Dragon for my kids so they (and I) don’t have to endure the torturous shows of the future.

Jane and the Dragon Episode: King’s Knight


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